With over 6,000 hand-carved pumpkins, Jack's Pumpkin Glow comes to Fairmount Park

Hadas Kuznits
October 06, 2019 - 11:45 am

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A pumpkin extravaganza and beer garden opened in Fairmount Park this weekend, and jack-o'-lanterns are on display through Nov. 3.

Shannon Donnelly, producer of Jack's Pumpkin Glow, says you'll definitely get ideas and inspiration for pumpkin carving at this outdoor temporary exhibit.

"This is an outdoor wonderland with over 6,000 hand-carved pumpkins," she explained.

To view the jack-o-lanterns, visitors walk a loop about a third of a mile long.

Master carver Lindsay Laforte carved about 90 percent of the 6,000 pumpkins on display. Since pumpkins are perishable, Laforte will continue to carve new pumpkins on site all month.

"I guess approximately a day, I probably carve over 100 pumpkins," Laforte said. 

She says it takes about a week to prepare the exhibit.

"During that time I have a staff of about 20 to 30 people," she said. 

And for those who want to carve at home, Laforte has a suggestion. 

"If you want to keep a pumpkin lasting a little bit longer, try carving it from the bottom instead of removing the top like a traditional jack-o-lantern and then spray it with a little vinegar, and it will keep some of the mold away," she said.