Shore business down a bit in one town, and the reason might surprise you

Talk about the weather — not even the weather itself — could be to blame.

David Madden
August 02, 2018 - 12:18 pm
Jersey shore

Stephen Bonk/Dreamstime


OCEAN CITY, N.J. (KYW Newsradio) — We're midway through the summer tourist season down the Shore. So how's business? Not as hot as some would like it.

It's not so much the weather as it is the forecast over the last couple weeks that has seen business on the Ocean City boardwalk drop a little more than 5 percent.

"We've had nice beach days, but it's hard to compete with radio, TV and the apps when they're telling you it's going to rain all the time and it doesn't," Michele Gillian, executive director of the Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce, said. 

 It's not that the forecasts are inaccurate, she suggests. It's more a matter of how they're presented that might be keeping some people home.

"Last week, we had great beach days and they talked about rain, rain, rain instead of 80 percent chance of sun and 20 percent chance of rain," Gillian said. "So we just need to change the conversation."

Or, perhaps, do the math ourselves.

Gillian is hoping for a better August. She's also pushing the chamber's app, which provides a more centralized, hour-by-hour weather forecast. It's also available on the chamber's web site.

Besides, she says, any showers are usually brief, and there's lots to do on the boardwalk, even in the rain.