Maple Glen 'sexual oasis' home realtor: 'I am very comfortable with it'

Andrew Kramer
February 09, 2019 - 9:42 pm

Gary Schempp via Coldwell Banker Preferred


MAPLE GLEN, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) -- It's the for sale listing that everyone is talking about.

A home in Maple Glen, Montgomery County is now on the market that seems to have it all -- including something unusual downstairs.

"It has a basement that has what I've been calling a 'private sexual oasis'," explained realtor Melissa Leonard with Coldwell Banker Preferred.

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The basement looks like something straight out of "Fifty Shades of Grey." Leonard even used the term "50 Shades of Maple Glen" in her listing, but that, as well as photos of the basement, have since been removed, which bothered Leonard.

"I am very comfortable with it, talking about it, showing it," she said. "It's portraying the realness of the house. I don't want to lie and say it's not there, that's why I left (the listing) the way it was."

Since the posting went up, details on the basement extras included, Leonard has been getting calls nonstop.

"Yes a lot of people are curious," she said. "They want to see it, they wonder if we're having an open house, which I am not because I do not want people coming in that are not serious buyers."

As for potential buyers who she has already shown the place to, Leonard doesn't feel the basement has been a distraction.

"I think everybody has played it very cool," she said. "They've all gone down, reactions that I've seen has been like 'okay.' A lot of people are into it more than you think, so I think they can actually open up that they are into it."

You know who isn't happy? Some neighbors, according to Leonard.

"I guess they're just uncomfortable now knowing there's this stuff in the basement," she said.

She said some of these same neighbors -- before learning about the basement -- were already a little agitated that the home is available to rent on Airbnb. ​