Mighty Writers host 4-day festival to get kids excited about writing

The group aims to empower kids by teaching them to think and write clearly.

Pat Toddy
September 29, 2018 - 9:56 pm
Mighty Writers hosted Mighty Fest at Logan Square

Pat Toddy / KYW Newsradio


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Nonprofit organization Mighty Writers has kids flexing their word power this weekend.

The inaugural four-day MightyFest has run from Sept. 27-30 in Logan Square, where tents full of activities entertained almost 1,000 kids.

"They're writing short stories, writing poetry, writing selfie sentences," said Mighty Writers Education Director Rachel Loeper.

Mighty Writers offers free after-school writing programs all year long to about 3,000 kids, ages 6 through 17, in six Philadelphia neighborhoods and Camden, N.J. The group aims to empower kids by teaching them to think and write clearly.

Kavi Sterling, 17, has been taking the classes for six years and notes the link between reading and writing.

"Books, comic books, whatever has a good passage that you learn from, even if it's short. That's what really matters," Sterling said.

Even young children were learning to write fiction at the "Found Objects" tent.

"The students play with them, put them in their hands, pick them up and hopefully the objects tell a story to them," said Christina Rissell, of the Mighty Writers mentorship staff.
Tymir Childress, 12, is already writing horror stories. He says Mighty Writers can help kids overcome their fear of writing, and he offers this story-writing tip: the cliff-hanger.

"After you get scared, and you want to know, 'Oh, what happens next?' To be continued."