'Momo Challenge' back again, experts say it's a hoax

Suzanne Monaghan
February 28, 2019 - 5:43 pm
The avatar of "Momo" as seen on Facebook. Momo Challenge avatar.

Amanda Oglesby/AsburyPark via USA TODAY NETWORK


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The Momo Challenge has resurfaced and all over social media, concerned parents are sharing information about this dangerous game. But tech experts say the Momo Challenge is nothing more than a viral hoax. 

The bulgy-eyed, stringy-haired, downright terrifying looking character known as Momo is rumored to contact kids on social media, daring them to do risky behaviors including self-harm. The image of Momo is all over the internet, but CBS News Technology Analyst Larry Magid says there is no evidence the Momo Challenge is real. 

"Now, it's possible that somebody could have taken that image which is all over the media, copied and sent it out, and that's what I mean about the danger of the contagion. But the actual kind of organized conspiracy to get children to commit suicide, I'm not seeing any evidence that it actually exists," Magid said. 

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But the rumor that it's a real threat has been spread by kids, parents, the media and even law enforcement.

"At some point, especially parents need to take a deep breath, realize that the probability of this happening is extremely close to zero if not zero and most importantly, know your children," Magid said. 

And talk to them about the dangers of participating in any online challenges.