Montgomery County court stenographer enjoys small role in Showtime series

Jim Melwert
December 30, 2018 - 4:00 am
escape at dannemora

Courtesy of Showtime


NORRISTOWN, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — A court stenographer from Montgomery County is getting her 15 minutes of fame as she was a featured extra in a limited series now airing on Showtime. 

Emilie Posnan has been a court reporter for more than decade, so when her actress friend sent her a casting call for a stenographer for a limited TV series called "Escape at Dannemora," she took a shot.

“The director wanted to meet me the next day, Ben Stiller," Posnan said, "so I went up and it was between me and six other stenographers.”

Stiller is the executive producer and director of the series about the 2015 prison escape in upstate New York. It stars Patricia Arquette and Bonnie Hunt.

Posnan says she got a call on the way home, saying she got the part and that filming was set to begin the following week. Her scene is with Patricia Arquette, a prison guard who was implicated in the escape, and Bonnie Hunt, playing the New York Inspector General.

“It was great. I was very nervous," she explained. "Ben Stiller just wanted me to type like I do every single day of my life, so it wasn’t like a stretch or anything, so I just typed away. But we did the scene a million, million times.”

Posnan says she got to go to the premiere in New York City, and then hosted some friends when the show premiered on Showtime in November.

“I had all my court reporter friends come over to watch with me," she said, "and we all watched, and it was great.”

In Posnan's scene, Hunt’s character pays a compliment to stenographers, and Posnan says the positive response from the stenography community has been overwhelming.

She says it was a great experience but not one she’ll likely try for again.