More young women are choosing to not have children

Kim Glovas
June 17, 2019 - 4:00 am

NataliaDeriabina/Getty Images


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Young adults are finding out that parenthood is a choice, but society is having a hard time accepting that. 

Stephanie Fusco of East Falls has decided parenthood is not a priority in her life. But whenever she tells anyone, it's a struggle.

"No one ever responds positively. That's never been a thing. No one's ever been just 'Oh, OK,' or 'That's cool, what do you have planned?' Like it's always, 'Oh, you'll change your mind.' People just kinda makin' you feel guilty," Fusco said. 

Dr. Amy Blackstone, who is 47, came to the same conclusion. She has written a book about the subject, "Child free by Choice," and started a blog with her husband called "We're not having a baby."

"There really isn't any scientific evidence to support the notion that maternal instinct is a natural drive, a biological or genetic drive. Instead we are taught from a very early age that this is a natural role for us," she said.

She says young adults in their 20s are actually the first generation publicly having this conversation.

"The idea that parenthood is a choice has become more accepted, more common, and so we're seeing younger people talking more openly about the process of deciding," Blackstone said. 

Blackstone also says she has found child-free adults are more involved in their communities and actually like children. They just don't want to have any. 

To read more on the subject, visit Blackstone's blog.