Constitution Center hosts Memorial Day weekend program honoring US military heroes

Hadas Kuznits
May 24, 2019 - 3:13 pm
We the People engraved in the facade of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA

eurobanks/Getty Images


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The National Constitution Center will be hosting a special weekend program that honors America’s fallen military heroes, and teaches visitors about origins of Memorial Day.

Jenna Kehres, the museum programs manager at the National Constitution Center, says the program examines different memorials.

"Some of them were created organically like the USS Arizona which sank in Pearl Harbor,” she said. “Others were built to remember a certain person, or event, like the Lincoln Memorial in (Washington) D.C. and others are a little bit more quiet and reflective like the Vietnam Memorial."

They also take a look at the history of Memorial Day.

“It was originally called ‘Decoration Day.’ It was created after the Civil War,” she explained.

Kehres explains here in America, Memorial Day is typically viewed as the unofficial start of the summer season.

“I think it's definitely okay to do that, go to the beach, have fun, barbecuing this weekend. But also take a moment to remember what the holiday is about; and that we want to remember the people who have sacrificed their lives for the country," she said.

The program begins Saturday May 25 and will run until 12 p.m. Monday May 27 in the lobby of the National Constitution Center.