NJ takes step toward letting dogs inside microbreweries

Mike Dougherty
December 24, 2018 - 4:00 am
Interior views of small micro brewery processing and storage.



NEW JERSEY (KYW Newsradio) — Several states allow people to bring dogs inside microbreweries. New Jersey is not one of them, but lawmakers there are working to change that in an effort to boost business.

After speaking with several constituents, New Jersey State Senator Kip Bateman says he decided to co-sponsor a bill that would make it legal to allow pups at breweries.

"They do it in other states. As a matter of fact, I was at one in New York state and it was great. It was a nice Saturday afternoon and it was packed with people and their dogs. It worked out very well," he said. 

He thinks it'll help get more people to visit local breweries. At the very least, it would give business owners the power to make their own choices.

"Millennials like to drink beer. They like their pets, dogs. And I certainly think it will help stimulate the business. I don't know how much. We'll have to wait and see," Bateman added. 

Bateman says this wouldn't require breweries to allow dogs inside, as it's just an option for owners.

He hopes the bill passes in the legislature by spring.