New national poll shows Americans like Trump on economy, but little else

David Madden
November 25, 2018 - 4:00 am

Susan Walsh/AP Photo


HAMDEN, CT (KYW Newsradio) -- A new national poll takes a look at President Trump, and while the results on many issues weren't great, they weren't all bad either.
More than a thousand people surveyed by Quinnipiac University gave the President a 54-41 thumbs down on overall job performance. But the poll’s assistant director, Tim Malloy, finds one thing most Americans like about Mister Trump.
“People are very, very encouraged by the economy,” Malloy told KYW Newsradio. “That’s his strongest card.”
At 53% approval, it’s his highest rating ever on that front. 

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However, “He is in deep trouble about honesty, level headedness, empathetic to my needs, my family’s cares and woes,” Malloy added. “So it’s kind of the same report card he keeps getting.”
He’s also in the red on issues ranging from foreign policy to race relations to his response to the California wildfires. Mister Trump is also in the negative on personal traits like honesty, level headedness and leadership ability.
“So it’s this great dichotomy between ‘Yeah, he’s a strong guy. He’s a smart guy.’ But he’s failing on the from-the-gut, from-the-heart issues,” said Malloy.
Then again, there’s Congress where neither party comes off well. But better than 3 in 5 voters like Democrats in charge of the House and even more want Special Counsel Robert Mueller left alone, until his probe of the president is complete.