New Jersey man runs 20.20 miles to raise money for high school seniors to buy yearbooks

Justin Udo
May 08, 2020 - 4:00 am

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) A New Jersey runner whose plans were derailed by the coronavirus pandemic is using that roadblock to help brighten up the lives of some high schoolers in Collingswood. 

Patrick Rodio spent the early part of this year training for the Jim Thorpe marathon, but like so many other events scheduled to take place, it ended up getting canceled.

But the Collingswood resident didn’t let his hard work and training go to waste. Instead, he decided to run 20.20 miles to raise money for Collingswood High School last weekend. 

“We discovered a lot of seniors can't afford year books every year, especially this year, so we just wanted to make sure everyone gets a yearbook that wants one,” he explained. 

Rodio made the trek through his town, and the tough moments inspired him to share some words of wisdom with those seniors he's raising money for who aren’t having the year they thought they would.

“It's literally just a moment. It's all going to pass,” he advised. 


Crossing the finish line was just as special as any marathon he's done, he said, as there were some local runners there to show him support from a distance along with confetti. 

Rodio said any extra money raised will go to a sports scholarship the district gives out every year.

“I just noticed that we're $70 away from $5,000. That can get us a lot of yearbooks,” he said. 

Rodio said the run was amazing, but the support shown was even better.