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Old City candy store helps create 90 proof chocolate whiskey

December 09, 2018 - 4:00 am

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — After three years in the works a handcrafted chocolate whiskey is ready to be enjoyed, it’s a joint effort between a Philadelphia candy store and a distillery.  

Shane Confectionery, in Old City, is America's oldest candy store. For the first time it’s using its high quality ingredients to create a chocolate whiskey. 

The candy shop's co-owner, Eric Berley, says it’s a partnership with New Liberty Distillery, in Kensington.

"So the Shane's Cacao Whiskey was born out of our friendship with Peruvian coco nibs that our chocolate maker roasts, in house," he said.

 Rob Cassell is master distiller at New Liberty.

"By the time you get to that third sip you go, ‘Wow, this is like I’m sipping on a whiskey chocolate bar.’”

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He says the 90 proof whiskey has a nutty flavor, along with notes of dark chocolate. It will run you about $40.

Reporter: Is it okay if I want to put this in a good cup of coffee?

“Oh dude, I actually did that the first time we bottled it,” he said. “Seriously, that's why the coffee is sitting over there.”

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