One snowfall down; one more to go — and many expect it to be worse

Tim Jimenez
January 18, 2019 - 8:45 am
Light snow coming down in Audubon, Montgomery County.

Tim Jimenez/KYW Newsradio


PAOLI, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — The first of two winter storms to hit the region is out of the way. Now, many are gearing up for round number two.

A coating, maybe an inch of snow, fell in Paoli. People were out and about. Traffic volume looked like most commuters were hearing in to work despite the snow. Getting around was not too bad. Roads that were treated, salted and brined were mainly wet for the morning rush hour.

Those who spoke with KYW Newsradio say it was pretty much smooth sailing getting in to work.

"Nothing different," Kristen from Upper Darby said. "We're probably 20 minutes early."

"Roads were clear. People were taking it slow, so that was good. Only took me, maybe, five more minutes than usual." Wendy from Broomall said. 

Most people seemed to brush Friday's snow off their shoulders and are waiting for the next storm to hit. This weekend could be icier and a lot trickier.

"I'm not so much worried about Saturday and Sunday, but Monday," Wendy said. "Monday is supposed to be very cold. It's not going to be snow, it's going to be ice."

The thought of a snowier, icier and colder weekend has Kristen thinking about the whole lot of nothing she’ll be doing at home.

"I'm probably going to stay inside. Stay away from everything," she said. "I know it’s supposed to drop to 3 degrees, and we’re supposed to get a mix of rain and snow, so we know that's goiong to end up 'Bad News Bears.'" 

But before that, there’s one big thing to do, and Kristen is not looking forward to it: "Gonna go food shopping after work, unfortunately, deal with all the crazy people out there that need milk and bread."