Ospreys of Atlantic City now have new home

Mike Dougherty
March 30, 2019 - 9:05 am
Atlantic City Ospey

Mike Dougherty | KYW Newsradio


ATLANTIC CITY, NJ (KYW Newsradio) -- Ospreys have been nesting atop billboards along the Atlantic City Expressway, but that's about to change as three new perches have been built right on the bay. KYW's Mike Dougherty spoke with Steve Dougherty from the South Jersey Transportation Authority about the project.

"Ultimately, it's to promote the population growth of the osprey," Dougherty said. "We had an issue where ospreys were nesting on top of one of our billboards and we had some difficulty in scaring the birds and trying to change out the different signs on there, so we worked with our local wildlife folks from the state, as well as some volunteers from different organizations to construct some new osprey nests closer to the water, along the marshes."

How did you decide on this place specifically, this location here?

"This is where the ospreys normally nest, right off the ocean," Dougherty explained. "They were up on the billboards directly across from here and we wanted to get them as close as possible."

This area is beautiful. What is this place?

"This is Bader Field," Dougherty said. "It used to be an airfield run by the City of Atlantic City."

Is there any other activity that happens here or are these birds kind of going to be left to themselves, not bothered?

"They will be unbothered," Dougherty said, "definitely compared to where they were on top of the billboards."