Penn brings Quaker football overseas: 'The bonding was tremendous'

Matt Leon
April 06, 2019 - 4:00 am
Caption - The Penn football team spent eight days in China last month.

Courtesy of Penn Athletics


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- The University of Pennsylvania football team recently wrapped up spring workouts. This year the Quakers spring practice time had a bit of a twist as they spent time over in China.  

The entire Penn team spent eight days in China, visiting Beijing and Shanghai promoting both the University and American football.  

 Penn head coach Ray Priore says it was a special trip.

"So many great takeaways bringing American football to mainland China, it was awesome, got a chance to work with their youth, hiking the Great Wall,” he said. “It was quite an experience."

Priore says the trip was almost a year in the making and it was an experience that brought the team closer together.

"The bonding was tremendous there,” he said. “And I'll use a phrase on the Great Wall, 'we needed everybody to help us up and help us down.' Everyone was pushing each other, but there was great bonding in there. The guys got a chance to see each other, now we were with each other all the time. It was eight days, up at six, in bed at ten, with football included with it. We had meetings over there, we had a practice over there, we had a walkthrough, so there was a lot of things moving parts going on. But for our whole team culture and mindset, some great things."

And the Quakers capped the trip with a win in game against a team representing the American Football League of China.