Philadelphia Eagles get set to see some familiar faces in Tampa

"It's going to be funny going against Vinny and Beau because they're good people and good friends."

Ed Benkin
September 14, 2018 - 6:05 pm

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PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- Last year, Vinny Curry and Beau Allen helped the Eagles win a Super Bowl.  On Sunday, they'll do everything they can to give the Eagles their first loss of the season.

Both defensive linemen are now part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the team the Eagles will face on Sunday. Allen spent four seasons with the Eagles, while Curry played six years in Philadelphia. Both became Buccaneers during the off-season and are part of a Tampa team which upset New Orleans last week. 

Eagles Offensive Lineman Lane Johnson lined up against his former teammates in practice for several seasons, and admits it will be strange to see them on the other side of the line in a regular season contest.

"We went against each other for years," said Johnson. "We know each other's moves. It's going to be funny going against Vinny and Beau because they're good people and good friends, but it's the way it is in this business. It's happened many times before."

There is always an advantage for players going against their former teams. There are signals and tendencies which they no better than other players on their current teams. 

Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson knows his staff will have to make adjustments with Allen and Curry on the opposite side of the field.

"We keep it in mind," Pederson said. "We just have to execute and be sort of mindful of when they're in the game, but there will be some things that we have to change up just because they know the terminology up front to try to help give ourselves an advantage."

In addition to worrying about their former teammates, the Eagles will try to get their offense back on track after a rough opening night against Atlanta. 

The Eagles Defense came up big in the win over the Falcons with the offense only putting up 18 points. 

The offense improved in the second half against Atlanta once the ground game got going and Johnson believes establishing the run will make things easier for Quarterback Nick Foles.

"We need to run the ball better earlier," said Johnson. "When we do that, we usually start games pretty well.  Last week, we really didn't run the ball effectively until later in the game. If we can get that going earlier, we'll have a good day."

Having a good day would mean a disappointing afternoon for Allen and Curry. While Pederson and his players will be happy to see both defensive linemen when the game is over, they understand there is still a job to be done in Tampa. Pederson expects the same mentality during the game from Allen and Curry.

"It's something we take into consideration," Pederson said.  "The other thing we take into consideration is that they have to focus on their job.  They're two great players that we owe a lot of credit and gratitude for helping us win a championship last year, but they're focused on their jobs, too."