Philadelphia's Old City brings history to life this Memorial Day weekend

John McDevitt
May 26, 2018 - 11:01 pm

John McDevitt | KYW Newsradio


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- Colonial re-enactors and storytellers kicked off their 14th season this weekend in Philadelphia's historic district. 

"We are not in a theme park, but what we want to do is to create memorable experiences for visitors when they come to the Historic District," explained Amy Needle, CEO and president of Historic Philadelphia.

Former Philadelphia mayor and Pennsylvania state governor Ed Rendell also stopped by to congratulate the staff on their new season.

"Starting in 1993, I created historic Philadelphia by executive order, but in fairness Amy and her crew have taken it to heights way beyond my wildest hopes."

Visitors were able to meet William Currie, once the keeper of the Pennsylvania State house.

"What's happening here is that they have written a document this Jefferson fella, nobody knows who he is,” he said.

Visitors could also sit down a Once Upon a Nation story telling benches where you hear about history in the very place where it happened. 

"The stories we tell are all historically substantiated," Rendell added. “So not only does it get into history, but it’s an accurate rendition. There are no tall tales."