Philly football fans congratulate former Eagles coach Andy Reid on Super Bowl win

Tim Jimenez
February 03, 2020 - 8:03 am
Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid

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UPDATED: 11:35 a.m.


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Former longtime Eagles head coach Andy Reid finally did in Kansas City what he couldn’t do in Philadelphia — win the Super Bowl. And many fans are happy that the time was finally his.

It took Reid 21 seasons to win a Super Bowl as a head coach. During the first 14 years, he helped turn the Eagles into a perennial contender. Despite the success, the team fell short of the ultimate prize until after Reid and the Eagles went their separate ways.

So, many Eagles fans were pulling for Reid's Chiefs to win and for him to solidify a highly successful career. And most football fans who spoke to KYW Newsradio on Monday morning at 30th Street Station said they’re happy for the guy, even though he didn’t win here.

Fan Dustin, who declined to give his last name, says Reid set a standard of success for the Eagles and he should now get the credit he deserves.

"This is something that should, hopefully, make the argument go away as to whether he belongs in (the Pro Football Hall of Fame). Gems won everywhere he’s went. It’s great to see him get over that last hurdle," Dustin said. "Doug Pederson is from his line, and so he helped finish the job that Andy Reid started in getting the Eagles through to a Super Bowl victory."

Another fan said he was happy for Reid because he was part of Philadelphia sports history.

While reaction was mostly positive, some fans were ready to move on.

Matt from Douglassville wasn't as sentimental. He had some flashbacks during Sunday's game.

"I thought has gonna choke it at the end as per usual, down 10. It was like deja vu," he said.

But then softening a little, he added, "Sorry it wasn’t us, but if somebody had to win, I’m kinda glad for Andy. ... I’m glad he finally won so I don’t have to hear about it anymore."

KYW Newsradio's Dave Uram spoke with Ray Didinger on Monday morning about Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes' performance, and how the Chiefs capped off a stunning fourth quarter. 

"I was wondering if Andy was going to get into a hurry-up kind of mode and try and push his way back into the game, because that's what the situation called for, but we had been down that road before (in Super Bowl XXXIX)," Didinger said. "Those of us in Philadelphia, you couldn't help watch that fourth quarter and think about the difference between the fourth quarter of this game and the game in Jacksonville (Super Bowl XXXIX), when Andy took his time ... and finally ran out of time. Well, last night he made the clock work for him."

"I'm thrilled," said the Voice of the Eagles, Merrill Reese. "And I think anybody who ever worked with Andy and knew Andy is thrilled for Andy Reid. He is a wonderful person, and he deserves this."

Reese says this win validates Reid's contention for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"I think before this game, he was a Hall of Famer just based on what he did for all the years — the wins he's accumulated, his winning percentage. This makes it a slam dunk."