Philly officials giving second chances to nonviolent parole violators

Courts are promising favorable treatment to those who turn themselves in.

Mike Dougherty
April 25, 2018 - 2:56 pm
Mayor Jim Kenney announces Philadelphia Safe Return program

Mike Dougherty-KYW Newsradio


Philadelphians with outstanding warrants for parole violations are encouraged to turn themselves in next month with the promise of favorable treatment from the courts.

For three days, March 1 - 3, Philadelphia Safe Return will provide free legal advice and counseling at Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church.

“If you are ready to stop looking over your shoulder, wondering when and if you will be detained for old mistakes, this event is for you," said Marsha Niefield, the presiding judge at Philadelphia Municipal Court.

Mayor Jim Kenney says this is the first step in getting your life back.

“By turning themselves in peacefully, individuals will show that they are ready to put these non-violent offenses past them and working toward self improvement,” Kenney said.

Defense attorneys will speak with people outside of the church to ensure the program is right for them.