Philly plan to eliminate Hepatitis C infections encourages testing for everyone

Mike Dougherty
July 27, 2018 - 10:15 am
Hepatitis C testing

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PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — July 28 is World Hepatitis Day, and Philadelphia is aiming to become the first city to eliminate the virus. 

Hepatitis C is sometimes a silent infection, lingering for years without sympoms.

"Over time it can cause damage to the liver," said Dr. Stacey Trooskin, "and once someone does develop symptoms, it's often when they have advanced liver disease."

Trooskin works with with nonprofit medical service provider Philadelphia FIGHT to raise awareness and make sure people get tested. She says her group needs help from lawmakers.

"There is a citywide elimination plan called 'C Change,' which is Philadelphia's plan to eliminate Hepititas C among people who inject drugs," Trooskin said. "But that program needs to be government endorsed."

She says Baby Boomers are also listed as a portion of the population with a higher prevalance of Hep C. Trooskin recommends that everybody get tested at least once in their lifetime.