Philly voters test drive new voting machines at Reading Terminal Market

Pat Loeb
June 07, 2019 - 4:09 pm
Willie Brown tries the new machine under the tutelage of Election Board worker Greg Irving

Pat Loeb/KYW Newsradio


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Philadelphia election officials rolled out new voting machines for public inspection Friday.

“Hi, would you like to try the new voting machine for November's election?  Come on over,” said Rich Vito to lunch crowds at Reading Terminal Market.

Vito explained the machine's features to any voter willing to take the time to give it a try.

“So, in November when you go to vote, they're going to look your name up in the tablet, they're going to give you a card. When you get the card, you're going to come over to the machine, put the card into the machine: here's your ballot,” he said.

The ExpressVote XL machine features a touch screen and familiar options such as straight ticket voting, but it also has a paper ballot so voters can verify their choices.

The selection generated controversy among those who prefer hand-marked ballots, but voters who tried it out at its debut approved.

 “I think the machine is good,” said Veretta Mosely

“Very neat,” Willie Brown said. “That's even better than the other machines.”

“I think it's good,” Thelma said.

“I am really impressed,” Paul Kirk added.

Deputy City Commissioner Nick Custodio wants to make the dry runs a regular Friday afternoon event at Reading Terminal.

He hopes to have hundreds of demonstrations around the city by the time the machines go into use in November.

“We want to go out to malls, shopping centers, SEPTA stops, places where regular Philadelphians are walking by to get them in to see the new voting system,” he said. “I think once voters get a chance to use them and see how easy and simple they are they will love them.”

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