‘Play Gloria’ Mummers strut to St. Louis for Blues' championship parade

Andrew Kramer
June 14, 2019 - 9:05 pm

Courtesy of Nick Foschini


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) – It's no secret, the Mummers love parades. Even if it means traveling 900 miles to be at one!

Right now, about 30 members of The Jack's NYB are in St. Louis to celebrate the Blues winning the Stanley Cup this week.

If you're asking why right now, give this article a read before you continue. 

Play 'Gloria'! South Philly bar inspires St. Louis Blues' celebration song

OK, so by now you should know the Blues making "Gloria" their hype song after hearing it over and over again at Jack's clubhouse in South Philly is why co-captain Nick Foschini and the rest of the group have been bleeding blue lately.

"We started showing them support," he said during a phone call with KYW Newsradio from St. Louis shortly after landing. "Next thing you know the whole city of St. Louis is reaching out to us, asking if they can hang out, watch the games and we kind of opened our doors to them and just had fun with the whole thing."

In fact, on Wednesday night during Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, Jack's was packed to the brim, and not just with locals.

"We had a couple guys drive 900 miles from St. Louis to Philly just to watch Game 7 with us," he said. "Who in their right mind would leave their home city to come to another city to watch Game 7 of their finals?!" 

But the guys were happy to welcome them to Philly, just like the people of St. Louis seem to be happy these guys are coming to the Blues parade.

"We're walking through the airport," added Foschini, "people are coming up to us – we're a bunch of average Joes – they're coming up to us and thanking us and saying 'we love what you guys are doing.' They're making us out to be local celebrities or something." 

However, even though The Jack's NYB crew are in St. Louis, and have been vocal about their support of the Blues, Foschini assured KYW Newsradio when next hockey season comes around, all the voices in their heads will be calling for the Flyers to win it all.