Police: 2nd arrest made in connection to series of ATM explosions

Investigators say the M-1000's are similar to a quarter sticks of dynamite.

Mike Dougherty
July 06, 2018 - 7:13 am



PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Philadelphia police have made a second arrest in connection with a series of ATM explosions. 

Authorities say during a traffic stop, Juan Cortez of Collingdale was taken into custody after a collection of explosive devices was located inside of the car he was driving.

According to investigators, additional explosives where located inside of Cortez's home. Police say Cortez's is believed to be the person who supplied a bomb that was used in a failed attempt to rob a Harrowgate ATM, last month. 

In that incident, police say 34-year-old Tinikah Hogan, of Harrowgate, was arrested and charged after she was captured on surveillance footage placing and lighting an M-1000 inside of an deli ATM, before it exploded.

Investigators say the M-1000's are similar to a quarter sticks of dynamite due to their size. These devices generally consist of a heavy cardboard tube, sealed at both ends, filled with an explosive, with a hobby fuse wick inserted, police say.

Hogan is facing a long list of charges stemming from the incident, including criminal conspiracy, arson, causing a catastrophe, and weapon of mass destruction.

Police say the Harrowgate incident is one of four similar explosions.

Authorites say they are working to connect Cortez to the deli explosion and are investigating whether he might be associated with the others.

Anyone with additonal information concerning this incident is urged to contact Philadelphia Police and/or the city's Bomb Disposal Unit.