Police investigating whether FedEx driver killed suspected robber in self defense

Mike Dougherty
December 18, 2019 - 7:36 am

UPDATED: 6:08 p.m. 

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — One man is dead, and another is injured following a botched robbery of a delivery driver in Northeast Philadelphia.

Police say a 32-year-old FedEx delivery driver was shot in the stomach after making a delivery on Unruh Avenue near Bingham Street. Police say another man, 27-year-old Jevan Lundy, was also shot and later died at the hospital. Authorities say at this point in the investigation, it appears Lundy robbed the FedEx driver. 

"He was able to tell police he was making a delivery," said Chief Inspector Scott Small. "And right when he got done making that delivery, he was approached by at least one male, and he was robbed at the point of gun."

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The driver was shot in the stomach and taken to the hospital, but he did fire several shots himself, hitting the suspect in the chest and the back. 

Minutes later, police were called to Creston Street, where the 27-year-old man was suffering from gunshot wounds. Police say they found items that were stolen from the FedEx truck in a car there.  

The 32-year-old delivery driver is in stable condition and remains hospitalized. 

Homicide Capt. Jason Smith says a 9 mm gun was recovered that belongs to the delivery man, who is licensed to carry.

Smith says the possibility that there was a struggle with the handgun and was the only weapon used in the shootings is being looked into.

Smith says another man was also taken into custody.

"It is possible that this individual may have been an accomplice of Mr. Lundy during the commission of the robbery. Additionally, officers located a light gray Audi belonging to the second male," he said.

Officials say 11 spent 9 mm shell casings were found at the scene.

Police are now investigating to make sure the driver was acting in self defense.


KYW Newsradio's John McDevitt contributed to this report.