Police searching for S. Jersey vandal punishing neighbors for untidy yards

Tim Jimenez
May 09, 2019 - 7:33 am

UPDATED: 3:50 p.m.


WESTAMPTON TWP., N.J. (KYW Newsradio) — Police in a South Jersey community say they’re trying to identity and find a car vandal who has been targeting people based on the condition of their lawns. 

Westampton Township Police say the vandal calls himself "The Code Enforcer," and that he has struck eight times in the Holly Hill part of town in the last year, six of those times in the last month.

Westampton Police Lieutenant Brian Ferguson told CBS 3 this nasty neighbor has scratched up cars and slashed tires to send a message.

"We would like to catch him before he causes any more damage, because we believe that damage has gone up to about $10,000," Ferguson said.

In at least three cases, he has explained himself in a note.

"Basically, informing the resident that he was unhappy with the way their property was being kept and he was the new code enforcement officer in town," Ferguson said. 

Naomi Taylor, whose car was scratched earlier this week, explains what was in the note she received.

"Lawn care," she said. "A lot of lawn care information about not edging and cleaning up our clippings and trimming the trees."

Taylor says the vandal left her with $4,700 dollars in damages.

"I really do hope he gets caught, just because I shouldn’t have to pay for the damage he did to my vehicle," Taylor said.

Police believe the so-called "code enforcer" lives in the same neighborhood as the victims. They want to arrest him to make sure no one else is affected, and they don’t want any future victim to take the law into their own hands.

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