Police shut down popular Instagram attraction Graffiti Pier

Melony Roy
May 03, 2018 - 9:22 pm
Graffiti Pier

Melony Roy | KYW Newsradio


PORT RICHMOND, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — Once a former loading dock for coal shipments along the Delaware River, Graffiti Pier has become one of the most popular Instagram destinations in the city. 

Street artists, photographers, locals and even tourists flock to the scene for creative backgrounds, but it's also become a hotbed of assaults and illegal activity, which is why Philadelphia police shut down the spot.

"Some of the sites that you can find make it appear as though its a public park," explained Capt. Krista Dahl-Campbell of the 26th District. Although it appears public, it is technically private property owned by Conrail.

"We've had more crime than usual there," she said. "We've had a couple of robberies and we've had a lot of theft from autos." 

Citing safety concerns, police will now enforce the no trespassing ordinance and citations will be issued. 

"There are holes in the pier back there. We have had drowning's in the past. Unfortunately, we have had rapes back there," Dahl-Campbell said. "It's a difficult area for officers to get to so it can mean waiting on an officer to find you and get to you. It's also very dark, there's no lighting, so it's a difficult area to traverse and we just don't want folks to be back there and need help and not be able to get it in a timely manner."  

There are some no trespassing signs up, but Dahl-Campbell hopes Conrail will eventually put a gate up to further deter people from entering. 

Conrail has not responded to a request for comment.