Police want to talk to victims of Port Richmond sledgehammer attack

Apparent road rage incident caught on video

Tim Jimenez
May 23, 2018 - 7:37 am

PORT RICHMOND, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — A man was caught on video Tuesday using a sledgehammer to inflict damage and pain in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. 

The video was posted on YouTube, and police want the victims to come forward. The video was removed from YouTube on Wednesday afternoon.

This attack, reported to police by a third party, happened in a parking lot on East Luzerne Street, by I-95 in Port Richmond. It was around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon. 

In the video, what looks like a silver van pulls into the lot, followed by a red pickup truck. A man in a yellow shirt and shorts, holding a sledgehammer, gets out of the truck and smashes the van's driver-side window. 

Then, as the van turns around, the person in the passenger seat opens the door and falls out. As he limps along toward the van, which pulls over and parks, the attacker gives him a hit in the left arm with the sledgehammer. 

The passenger gets back in the van, and the attacker smashes the rear windshield as it drives off. 

"Who would break every window out of a driver's side of a van and smash the doors in?" a man who works near the site of the attack said to CBS 3.

Police are still trying to locate the alleged assailant as well.

Police Capt. Sekou Kinebrew hopes the circulation of the video will net some leads. 

“We’re just trying to piece this together," he said. "East Detectives has opened an investigation. But it’s going to be a little difficult to proceed specifically without the victim who is comfortable to come forward.” 

Police have been searching hospitals and canvassing the area for other witnesses.

“Obviously we're checking hospitals and things like that because the issue could be the person or persons that were in the first vehicle are in the hospital," he explained. "We definitely want to let them know that we're here and if you want to come forward and let us know what happened and we'll try to identify who did it.”