Principals call for better security in wake of physical altercations against administrators

Principals say assaults on school administrators are on the rise

Mike DeNardo
June 15, 2018 - 8:13 am



PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Area principals want better security in city schools in the wake of several high-profile assaults on administrators.  

The principals' union is calling for more resources to protect principals and teachers on the job. Earlier this month at Robert Pollock Elementary School, two parents were charged with punching the principal and vice principal as they tried to sign their son out of school.  

And last June, the principal at Fitler Academics Plus School in Germantown was struck in the face with a brick.  

Robin Cooper, president of Teamsters Local 502 of the Commonwealth Association of School Administrators, which represents principals, assistant principals and other administrators, said increasingly, parents are getting into conflicts — often physical conflicts — with school administrators.

She said enough is enough.

"What's actually occurring now is there is an increase of assaults on building administrators, assaults on teachers and even in some cases where parents are coming into the building looking for other people's children to assault," she said.

The union is calling for more security in schools, a streamlined student transfer process when necessary to alleviate conflicts when they arise, and community mental health support for parents who may have anger management issues.

"They can't have people in the school buildings running amok thinking that they can go anywhere and pick up any child that they want without following the rules of their school," Cooper added. "It just can't be done."