Program lets students unleash their inner rock star

Antionette Lee
March 18, 2019 - 9:54 pm

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Philadelphia-area second graders get a taste of the arts during international Teach Music Week at what's called a petting zoo, except the animals are instruments, and a local organization is giving kids a chance to reap the benefits of playing music by giving them free lessons. 

Dozens of students at St. Malachy School got to unleash their inner rock stars on the percussion and string instruments.

They got 30 minutes to play around with all of the major and minor keys, thanks to the Delaware County nonprofit Keep Music Alive.

"Part of the reason why we created Teach Music Week is because we wanted to help assist in helping kids and adults start their musical journey," said co-founder Joann Pierdomenico. 

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She says that journey can give people therapeutic and even social benefits. That's why the organization partners with more than 750 schools, retailers and stores to bring music to communities around the world. 

"That allows us to help promote the value of music for education, for therapy, for all the wonderful things like happiness that music is good for," she continued. 

Pianist Will McDonell took the day off from school at Temple University to teach the kids how to play. 

"I mean look at it. Everyone's just, they're having so much fun. You can't not smile, ya know," he said. 

Teach Music week is possible through musicians like him who share their talent with others in hopes that they'll start their own musical journey.