One week after Nicetown-Tioga shootout, residents try to return to normal

Paul Kurtz
August 21, 2019 - 4:40 pm
One week after the shootout in Nicetown-Tioga, neighbors are still trying to find some normalcy to their lives.

Paul Kurtz/KYW Newsradio


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — One week after the shootout in Nicetown-Tioga, neighbors are still trying to find some normalcy to their lives. 

Anthony Fields was sitting on the porch greeting his neighbors on what appeared to be a quiet, normal weekday morning. But beneath the surface, there is a lot going on.

"We're definitely still feeling stress. They're still having conversations about it. Life is not back to normal," Fields said. 

Less than a month after moving in to his home on 15th Street, Anthony found himself dodging bullets and hiding in an upstairs bedroom as a gunman wounded six cops and held what seemed like half the force at bay for nearly eight hours.  

It was an experience that he and his neighbors will never forget. 

"I can't, man. I never heard so much gunshots and I can't forget this," said Kenuity, who is reminded of the horror by the bullet holes in his front window and shutters. 

He said the images of that day haunt his dreams. 

"I go to my bed and I dream the whole thing over, I just wake up. It's something you can't forget, you just can't forget it."

The memories are still fresh, and emotions, including shock, terror, bewilderment and even some anger, are still raw.  


Cynthia Muse doesn't like the way some people are treating her street like Disneyland.  

"You have people riding down the block like, last night I was sitting outside, maybe 10 or 11. And the guy came past, 'Oh, is that where it's at?' You could hear him all the way up here," she said. 

She's also worried that the shootout will have a long-term negative impact on what she says has always been a peaceful block.  

"With this all happening, we get the dubious distinction of being a high crime area. We may not be able to get a block party permit next year for our kids. Our property value just hit the toilet."

Neighbors have planned a block party for this weekend in hopes of advancing the healing process.