Retrial underway for 5 former Montco jail guards accused of beating 2 inmates

Jim Melwert
October 15, 2019 - 4:46 pm
From left: Edwin Negron, Darin Collins, Alfred Gregory, Anthony Saxby and Randall Sims

Montgomery County District Attorney's Office


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The retrial of five former Montgomery County jail guards, who are accused of beating two inmates, is underway. 

According to prosecutors, inmates refused to clean up trash — which they had thrown in one of the common rooms in the jail — without gloves or brooms.

When one inmate kept arguing with the guards — Edwin Negron, Alfred Gregory, Anthony Saxby, Darin Collins and Randall Sims — he got under their skin, prosecutors say, so they decided to take care of him their way.

The five men are accused of beating two inmates — one of those inmates told investigators he was beaten with his own prosthetic leg.

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In addition to the assault, the five men are accused of trying to delete the video of the beating and covering it up.

However, defense attorneys say the one inmate, Derek Houlihan, baited the guards in hopes of getting rich in a lawsuit.

At an earlier trial, the five men were found not guilty of the more serious aggravated assault charge. They are back in court after the first jury was deadlocked on official oppression, simple assault, and, for Collins and Gregory, conspiracy.