Sedans take back seat and Cadillac, BMW bow out of this year's Auto Show

Mike DeNardo
February 01, 2019 - 3:54 pm

Mike DeNardo/KYW Newsradio


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- The Philadelphia Auto Show revs-up tomorrow, with 700 cars, trucks and SUVs starting their run at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.   

That new car smell is in the air at the Convention Center. Actually, we should probably say that new truck and SUV smell. Show chairman Ian Jeffery, owner of Volvo Cars of Fort Washington, says passengers cars are in the minority on the floor now.

"There's more trucks,” he explained. “I mean, trucks is a huge market now. It's just growing and growing.  SUVs is huge, and then your sedan market is dwindling more and more."

There are exotics, Hollywood cars and preproduction models. Most car makers are represented, but you won't find Cadillac or BMW at this year’s Philly Show.

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They've bowed out, causing some to question whether it's a sign that auto shows are becoming less relevant to manufacturers. But Jeffrey says to consumers in the market for a car, the show is invaluable.

"I would say it's not relevant if we didn't have record years every year,” he said. “More and more people are coming.  There’s 250,000 people that come to this event."

The show runs for nine days, until the doors close on February 10.

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