SEPTA sets deadline for seniors who get free rides on city transit

The last day to use paper photo ID cards is Aug. 31.

Mike DeNardo
June 01, 2018 - 7:59 am

Photo Credit: Mike DeNardo


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Time is running out for seniors over 65 who use a paper photo ID card to get free rides on city transit. SEPTA says as of Sept. 1, they'll no longer accept the paper ID. 

It's another way the transit agency is pushing riders of all ages toward the electronic SEPTA Key card. In this case, it's a special senior card with a photo ID, says SEPTA spokesman Andrew Busch.

"The SEPTA Key Senior Photo ID cards work just like the other Key cards do. So it's tap and go at a turnstile for the subway; tap at the farebox for a bus or a trolley."

He says 136,000 senior cards have already been issued. They include a photo to prevent, for example, someone from using grandma's card to get free rides.

It takes about a month to get a new card by mail. Seniors can apply at City Council or state representatives' offices, or they can get same-day service at SEPTA headquarters, 1234 Market Street.

Pennsylvania drivers' licenses issued before July 2017 — those with a magnetic stripe — can still be swiped at turnstiles and fareboxes for free senior rides.