Reports: Wentz has fractured vertebrae

Matt Leon
December 13, 2018 - 1:26 pm
Carson Wentz (11) and Nick Foles (9)

Matthew Emmons/USA TODAY Sports


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The Carson Wentz injury situation continues to develop.

Multiple reports emerged Thursday that tests revealed the Eagles quarterback has a fractured vertebrae. 

It's not clear how Wentz sustained his injury or where specifically the injury occurred, but it can be assumed that it was an external force — perhaps a hit, maybe being thrown to the ground. 

That force was applied to the spine, and the spine, at a certain point, can't take that kind of pressure, resulting in a fracture. If the compression of the fracture is mild, you only experience mild pain and you may not have that big of an issue, according to KYW's Dr. Brian McDonough. If it's more severe, it can impact nerves and nerve roots that are in the spinal cord, which can cause more long-term problems. 

Most fractures are treated with immobilization. The average person — a non-athlete — may be in a brace for eight to 12 weeks. Surgery can be an option, if necessary, but often that can be avoided. 

As far as Wentz's long-term prognosis, he is young and appears to be otherwise healthy, McDonough said, so he should heal well.

The Eagles are practicing Thursday, getting ready for Sunday night's game against the Rams in Los Angeles.


This is a developing story.