By helping others adjust to new workflow, South Jersey business owner says his business is surging

Kimberly Adams
March 27, 2020 - 7:46 pm

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — A small business owner in South Jersey is navigating the new reality of life during the coronavirus outbreak, and he says he has seen his company grow.

Since the pandemic began, Marlton business owner Steven Singer says he's seen his company New Jersey Technology grow by some 25%, with local businesses reaching out in need of help navigating this new reality.

“If the business is just getting started then we help them procure hardware and software, set up the network, create the website, back end advertising and then customer facing documents for a digital footprint,” he explained. 

And that footprint allows them to be searched through engines like Google.

"A lot of businesses are suffering right now, a lot of people are suffering right now, a lot of businesses are coming to New Jersey Technology and asking us to help create ways to work from home or game or customers,” he explained. 

Since this pandemic began, Singer says the demand has been across the board from auto repair companies to electrical contractors and smaller restaurants.

He’s also paying it forward offering free services to local high schools.

"We have offered, through Facebook and other local gatherings and email groups, that we have to provide free support to the community to help those kids get online, help the parents,” the single father of one added.