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Morning travel creaking back to normal after first snow of the season

November 16, 2018 - 6:57 am

UPDATED: 7:50 a.m.

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The snow may no longer be piling up, but PennDOT says drivers still should be cautious.

"We're still concerned about overnight freezing," PennDOT's Brad Rudolph said.

So Rudolph has this advice for drivers:

"Increase your following distance. Give everyone plenty of space. If you see our plows still out there salting, give them some room as well, and just keep an eye on those speeds."

Before drivers even get in their cars, Rudolph says they should remove any snow or ice that may be sitting on it.

"It's very dangerous to drive around like that — not only for yourself, but it can fly off and hit another driver," he said. "It also puts more material back onto the highway that we're trying to clear."

He says he knows the first storm of the season is always an adjustment for drivers

"No matter when it hits, there's going to be a little bit of a delay and a little bit of response time for motorists to get used and acclimated to winter," Rudolph said.

But he says the next storm should be easier to deal with, and each one after that. 


As of Friday morning, SEPTA’s Paoli-Thorndale Line and Amtrak Keystone service between Philadelphia and Harrisburg were suspended because a fallen tree damaged power lines and tracks near Bryn Mawr during Thursday’s wintry storm. 

SEPTA officials say around 19,000 people use the Paoli-Thorndale Line each day  more than any other regional rail line.

Among the regular riders affected was a commuter named Rebecca. She admitted that she went to the Bryn Mawr regional rail station first. That’s where she found out her line was shutdown.

“I didn’t even check to see the trains were running," she said. "So, I got to the train station and I was like: 'Oh.'"

Rebecca had a Plan B: She went to the Bryn Mawr Norristown High Speed Line stop. SEPTA encouraged affected regional rail riders to take the high speed line as an alternative.

"It's actually not too bad, because I live closer to this station. I just prefer taking the regional rail," said Ganesh, who was traveling to work.

Andrew was hoping for a much better day than Thursday.

"I was stuck at 30th Street for about two hours, waiting for a train and stuck on a train," he explained. 

Even with a messy and inconvenient commute, Andrew still has a soft spot for wintry weather.

“I enjoy it. It’s always kind of a badge of honor to make it in and out of the city during snowstorms!” he said.

Air travel

At Philadelphia International Airport, blue skies are starting to peek out from behind the cluds, and the departure and arrival boards showed some calmness restored over the early morning hours.

There were some cancelations and delays Friday morning, but most flights were running on time, particuarly the departing flights.

Weather-related issues at other airports were resulting in some delayed arrivals. And delayed departures were mostly the result of flights that that had not yer arrived in Philadelphia.


KYW Newsradio's Andrew Kramer, Tim Jimenez and Mike Dougherty contributed to this report.