Businesses, supporters ready for President Trump's Wildwood rally

Andrew Kramer
January 27, 2020 - 9:28 pm
People camp out outside the Wildwoods Convention Center, waiting for President Trump's visit.

Andrew Kramer/KYW Newsradio


WILDWOOD, N.J. (KYW Newsradio) — As President Donald Trump prepares to visit Wildwood Tuesday evening, the town is already prepared for his visit.

It's uncommon to see "No Vacancy" signs lit up in Wildwood around this time of the year. But, at the Sunset Beach Hotel, they're fully packed. 

Krish Rao works at the front desk and says it’s normally just him and one other person on duty in the winter. 

But, not this week. 

"We have to have two guys extra and we had to hire a maintenance guy," Rao said. 


Robbie, who manages the bar at the Oceanic Hotel, says they needed to make special arrangements. 

"Well we’re usually closed so everything had to be brought in. Beers, sodas, everything," Robbie said. 

But not everyone attending the rally is staying in a hotel. 

Some people like Mike Conroy are camping outside of the Wildwoods Convention Center. He’s been outside since the weekend in an attempt to make sure he gets inside. 

"Once in a lifetime. This is ever going to happen in this town again. It’s going to be epic," he said. 

"I was most looking forward to what’s happening now. Everyone down here is great. So nice. Everyone’s hospitable. Just very clean, good American fun," Conroy added. 

Danielle Ridordino is a Wildwood regular in the summer who also has been outside waiting for the president since the weekend. Besides all the winter hats and gloves, she says it feels like July right now. 

"It’s very strange because it’s usually like a ghost town. But it’s actually really cool there’s a big thing here," she said. 

Many have President Trump flags and banners on their balconies, and Trump merchandise could be seen around townalong with the occasional anti-Trump item. 

One bar also had some special presidential cocktails: The MAGArita, Moscow Mueller, and a subpoena colada.