Temple soccer sisters got kick out of playing together

Matt Leon
December 17, 2018 - 6:00 am
Sisters Kelcie and Julia Dolan

Matt Leon | KYW Newsradio


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- The Temple University women's soccer team wrapped up its season on Halloween with a loss to UCF in the quarterfinals of the American Athletic Conference tournament.

That game also represented the final game playing together for the Owls for sisters Kelcie and Julia Dolan. Julia, a sophomore midfielder, still has two years left on the pitch but Kelcie is a senior, so her playing days as a defender for the Owls are done. 

Julia says their time as teammates has been very, very special.

"The memories we've made, especially in college, but even in the high school games and what not," she said. "When we win, we find each other and just hug and take in the memories. After our big wins this year, that's the first thing, we both just looked out for each other. So the memories we've made, in practice, games and all that, there's nothing like it."

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It wasn't a slam dunk that the Dolans would play together at the college level. Kelcie chose the Owls and it looked like Julia was headed to St. Joe's. But then Temple started to recruit her and Julia remembers getting called by Temple head coach Seamus O'Connor.

"When he called me, (Kelcie) was home for winter break," Julia remembered. "She came running in my door, I told her to be quiet, Seamus is on the phone, and then I told my parents. I didn't want to make a decision because I was still really interested in St. Joe's and I didn't want to step on her toes because this was her place. So she sent me this really long email, telling me how much she wanted me to come here and how we started off playing soccer together and how much it would mean for both of us and our family to end playing together."

Kelcie says one of her favorite memories of their career together at Temple came in Julia's first game.

"We were playing FDU and it was there," she remembered. "We just came off an awful season, we lost a lot of games. So we're winning and then the last couple of seconds a goal is scored (by FDU to tie the game) and we're like, 'Oh my gosh.' Julia is like, 'It was my fault, it was my fault, sorry guys.' So we get in the huddle and we go back out there, and it's in overtime now. Julia's like, 'If I don't score this, I'm going to be so upset.' Couple of seconds, probably ten seconds into overtime, she scores off a corner, header into the net and we were like, 'Oh my gosh!'"

Kelcie compares their playing styles.

"We're very competitive, our fitness is very similar," she said. "(Julia) sees the field way different, I mean I'm an outside player, she's a center player, so that's something different. She controls the midfield so she basically controls the whole game. I'm more of a direct player and she's more possession, passing, technical, stuff like that."

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Julia says their competitive streak would often spike in practice.

"If we're doing a drill and we both come up in the same line and come up against each other, everyone decides to make a point that, 'Oh, the sisters are up!' So then the competitive levels just rise a whole 'nother level. But it's fun."

Neither sister can think of any challenges that being sisters and teammates presented. In fact, quite the opposite.

"I kind of think we have an advantage over most of our teammates, because, I mean, we live like 20 seconds away from each other," Julia said. "If I ever need anything, if she ever needs anything, we're always there for each other. Our lockers are one away from each other in the locker room. Everyone's shocked that we don't argue that much, but we're teammates were in the locker room, we are also sisters, but I think we have way more of an advantage."

While she doesn't have any athletic eligibility left, Kelcie still has one year of classes remaining as she pursues her graduate degree. So while they won't play together any more, the Dolan sisters will still have one more year together on campus together as best friends.

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