Big chill hits Philly area, and transit commuters are feeling it

Tim Jimenez
November 13, 2019 - 9:53 am

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Wednesday morning was the coldest of the season as an arctic air mass settled over the Delaware Valley. While not leaving the house and snuggling up with a blanket may be the preference, for so many that's just isn’t the reality.

Chilly commuters did their best to stay warm at the Frankford Transportation Center. Alberta Crawford was standing outside the station around 4:30 a.m.

"I'm waiting for the 14 bus, so I can go inside," she said.

Inside at work and away from the freezing fall weather. But before she could get there she had to spend a decent amount of time waiting for the bus. But she did dress the part.

"Long johns, long socks, anything," she said. "But you'll still be cold. I don't care how much you layer up!"

Jerome was also waiting for the bus. He came prepared, all bundled up, a little earlier than he's used to.

"Eagles jacket. I have a hoodie. I have a vest jacket inside," he said. "I wear that all the time. I feel great."

But he did have a quibble with the timing. 

"This is November. Winter don't start til next month, so you gotta be prepared at all times," he said.

Also feeling great was Sandy, one of the few commuters who didn't have a hat on.

"Actually it's not too bad right now. Yeah I don’t feel the cold. I really don’t feel the cold too much," she said, unfazed by the fall freeze and grateful.

"As long as it's not snowing right now. I like the snow but not the ice. That’s when it gets bad. So, as long as I could walk in it I'm fine.”

SEPTA was certainly preparing like they would be during the winter, as crews sprinkled salt on some of the walkways.

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