Under shadow of coronavirus, dance club DJs keep party going on social media

Hadas Kuznits
March 30, 2020 - 12:15 pm

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — With dance clubs shut down while the nation lives under a stay-at-home order, many DJs are taking the party online to keep the music going.

Philadelphia DJ Cosmo Baker says DJing online is not a new concept.


However, he says, "It's not really the easiest thing to do because of copyright infringement restrictions that a lot of social media platforms have."

Nathan Graham, brand manager for KYW sister station WTDY, says up until recently, live streams that contain copyrighted music were detected and disabled.

"Yeah, and from what I've seen, they're not. They're getting posted. They're able to live stream. And technically they are supposed to be getting shut down, but no, it's not happening," Graham said.

"I definitely think they're going on more than usual. I think there were some people who were doing it anyways. In my Instagram feed, I'm definitely noticing it."

Baker is among those broadcasting the club live on Facebook and Instagram.

"Basically, overnight, a lot of us have decided to take the party online," the DJ said.

Just one example is a recent 9-hour Instagram live stream with DJ D-Nice.

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"To see people all up in there, and he was calling it 'Club Quarantine.' It basically gave you a sense of connection," Baker said.

"This is a bit of a method of communication for a lot of us, and it's also become a method of generating revenue, at least for me. I've been able to see some sort of income."

He says the feed is free for all, but while he's out of work, he has posted his Venmo handle for people who want to make donations.

"It's kind of like online busking."