Upper Darby workshop turns women from 'auto airheads to SHEcanics'

Andrew Kramer
March 08, 2019 - 10:41 pm

UPPER DARBY, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) - With a room full of female Lyft drivers looking on, Girls Auto Clinic CEO Patricia Banks told the group that using synthetic oil is like getting a hard gel manicure -- it lasts longer.

That was one of many ways Banks related to these women, who work for the ride share company, as she taught this special care car workshop.

"This workshop is so awesome because it gives ladies the confidence to talk to a mechanic," said Banks, "to work on their car in an emergency and to really understand how to take care of their car. We are turning women from auto airheads to 'SHEcanics.’”

The interactive workshop started inside the Upper Darby repair shop and then moved into the garage.

"We talk about your brakes, we talk about your oil," Banks explained. "Does your car have boogies when we're talking about that air filter? We're always trying to get upsold at the oil change. Really just giving them the knowledge to empower them, so they feel good about every choice they make with their car."

Because these women use their cars as part of their jobs, Banks feels this knowledge is even more crucial.

"I definitely want to make sure that they know, as Lyft drivers, how important it is to take care of their car,” she said. “If they need to be making money, they don't want to lose that because they are making poor choices with their cars.”

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"I thought it was too good to be true," said Lyft driver Aisha Burgess, talking about the workshop. "I want to make sure my vehicle is safe to ride in for my passengers."

One of the benefits to this workshop is that it gives these women a chance to ask questions and learn in an all-girl environment, which Edith Jimenez --  also a Lyft driver -- seemed to appreciate.

"Women tend to be a little truthful with each other when it comes to things, so I would be real comfortable listening or gaining knowledge as it comes to my vehicle," she said.

Jimenez says she came into this workshop hoping to learn more about spark plugs.

While this special International Women's Day workshop was just for female Lyft drivers, similar workshops take place monthly at the shop, where all women are welcome.​