Wawa tests a new feature as it opens another Center City store

Pat Loeb
January 10, 2020 - 4:10 pm
The opening of a new Wawa in Center City.

Pat Loeb/KYW Newsradio


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Will Wawa customers go for a takeout window, or is the door-holding custom too strong of a pull to enter the actual store? A new outlet in Center City will answer that question.

The chain's real estate manager Dave Schaller helped open the new store at 16th and Ranstead streets. Center City Wawas used to be novelties; now, there are half a dozen within blocks of City Hall. 

But Schaller says this one, with its relatively tiny footprint, is different.

"We're excited to test this new concept, this is a new concept for us, and the innovations unique to this store. You'll notice new features like a pick up window out front for mobile and online orders," he said.

That's right, customers don't even have to enter the store.

The opening was also an occasion for Mayor Kenney to announce the chain's continued sponsorship of the Fourth of July celebration until 2024. 

"However, we hope they'll continue to host this event for many more years to come," he said. 

Wawa has had its share of difficulties lately, with a malware attack that jeopardized customers' credit and debit card information and an employee suit that accuses the owners of cheating workers out of millions of dollars in stock. 

Customers checking out the new store seemed unfazed.