What will schools look like whenever they reopen? District explores options

Mike DeNardo
May 01, 2020 - 4:30 am

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — How do you start the next school year while keeping social distancing in mind?

If schools are allowed to reopen this fall, School District of Philadelphia leaders are already thinking about what a return to the classrooms could look like.  

“Do we stay in the current state in terms of delivering digital content? Or do we try to come back and work through what will likely be some very challenging circumstances?” questioned Superintendent William Hite.

He’s been talking with districts across the country, as well as a city working group, to talk about how schools can reopen — if the state gives the green light.

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Hite has already said students will likely be wearing face masks in any return to the classroom.  

In a conference call with reporters, he said the district will also have to consider things like making multiple bus runs to bring students to school in shifts, or changing lunch and recess routines to establish social distancing.  

“How do they get to and from school? How do we manage that on SEPTA? How do we manage that with our transportation fleet?” he continued.

With students currently learning from home on Chromebooks, Hite said technology enables the district to consider permitting more high school students to learn remotely next year. He noted summer school will probably remain virtual.