Wildwood Crest may lift alcohol sales ban based on residents' input

David Madden
April 10, 2019 - 2:45 pm

smodj/Getty Images


WILDWOOD CREST, N.J. (KYW Newsradio) —  Wildwood Crest, one of the communities down the shore that does not allow alcohol sales, may soon lift its ban after almost 80 years of prohibition. 

Mayor Don Cabrera is raising the possibility of a voter referendum that may allow for a restaurant to serve alcohol, if the full-time residents want it.

The borough’s four-block downtown along New Jersey Avenue will undergo improvements soon, and Cabrera thinks one restaurant equipped with a liquor license would be the linchpin to turn the Crest into a more-than-summer town.


Although the Crest is dry, you can get a drink just across the border.

“We’re sending business to the other communities over the bridge or just even on our own island,” Cabrera said. “We’d like to keep some of that in-house and allow our businesses that opportunity.”

The three restaurants currently in the Crest are seasonal, though there are some cafes in hotel and motel lobbies.

That said, people are already drinking in the Crest, Cabrera admitted.

“If you go on the beach, you see it. You go to our concerts we have, you see it. We’re not locking people up. We’re not writing tickets. We know that’s what goes on in a resort town.”

The mayor is asking the town’s 2,100 full-time residents for input on the idea, and he's encouraging someone to begin a petition movement to put the question on the ballot as soon as this November. To do so, the petition needs to be submitted by September.