Wizard World makes wondrous return to Philadelphia: ‘It was just amazing’

Justin Udo
June 16, 2019 - 5:15 pm

Justin Udo/KYW Newsradio


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — This weekend was about more than just dads, as thousands took time to also celebrate all things pop culture at Philadelphia's most popular comic convention

Monsters, super heroes, villains and just about every cartoon character you can think of took over the Pennsylvania Convention Center this weekend for the 19th annual Wizard World Comic Con.

“It was just amazing,” explained Zarin Seals.

He says he came out to the event with a few of his buddies, and says his day at the Convention center felt like he was at home.

“I felt included in something, that was cool,” he said. “I liked that. I'm a big fan of comic books and geek culture in general.”

During the festival attendees also go to show off their costumes, like Marissa, who was keeping it old school.

“I am the mad hatter bunny from ‘Alice in Wonderland,’” she said.

Justin Udo/KYW Newsradio

While Alyssa opted to make onlookers marvel at her Groot costume from “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

“People love the baby Groot, that's why I keep on wearing it, even though it gets a little suffocating in this mask,” she explained.

In addition to pop culture vendors, games, and contests, visitors also got to see some of their favorite stars, like Ted Danson and Tony Danza.