Zoo New England fulfills Super Bowl bet, names goat Foles

John McDevitt
May 09, 2018 - 6:30 pm

BOSTON (KYW Newsradio) — A kid named Foles is in the spotlight, this time at a zoo in Boston.

Zoo New England made good on a Super Bowl bet with the Philadelphia Zoo, in which the zoos agreed to name their next newborn goat after the opposing team's quarterback, depending on which team won the championship.

It was a play on Tom Brady's "Greatest of All Time" — or GOAT — moniker.

A Nigerian Dwarf goat was born at Zoo New England a few weeks ago. The adorable kid's name is Foles, after the Eagles' Nick Foles, of course.

"His mother's name is Leah, and he enjoys getting his front feet up on her back and he sort of looks like a quarterback behind a center," said John Linehan, president and CEO of Zoo New England. "He is really rambunctious and we recently introduced him [to> his sister, named Chewbacca."

Linehan also had to clean an animal exhibit. He tended to the eagle enclosure.

"They were shedding a lot of feathers and making it a little tough on me, but they did cooperate," he said.