Challenges ahead for both parties post midterm elections

Larry Kane
November 08, 2018 - 4:00 am
The United States Capitol

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Instant analysis has been used by journalists for decades, but sometimes it's better to take little pause to examine the challenges that face the parties ahead following Tuesday's midterm election.

The Democrats will no doubt open up more oversight of President Trump. The House does have the right to see anyone's tax returns but the Democrats have to be careful. If they get too obsessed with probing the president they may sacrifice their credibility of any potential 2020 candidates. 

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The Republicans, notably the president, need to figure out why they lost so badly in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, all states that gave him the presidency. 

Now, according to key Pennsylvania Democrat insiders, the immediate focus is the firing of the attorney general and the apparent transfer of oversight of the Mueller probe to Mathew Whitaker, Sessions' chief of staff who has criticized the investigation in the past. Whitaker has talked about a way to stop Mueller, not by firing him but cutting off his funding. That was not a threat, just part of a conversation.

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That constitutional crisis the national analysts have talked about may come sooner than we think.