Pennsylvania Senate Panel Tackles School Strikes

Tony Romeo
April 22, 2018 - 2:30 am
School Strike

HARRISBURG, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) -- The state Senate Education Committee has held hearings on school strikes in Pennsylvania and ways to limit them and their impacts.

The Senate Education Committee chairman says one possible alternative is binding arbitration. But Jeffrey Sultanik, chairman of Fox Rothschild's Education Law Group, told the panel that declaring teacher strikes illegal won't solve the problem.
One reason is something called 'work to rule.'

"Where the teachers association, upon the expiration of the contract, says 'we're only going to work to the little wording of the contract, and we're not going to do an ounce more. So if you want us to go on the 4th grade camping trip, we're not going,'" Sultanik said.

One alternative, he says, is to allow school boards to impose their "last best offer" when there is an impasse. 

The committee chairman says the panel will move ahead with input from the hearings as it considers changes to state law.