Philadelphia Flying Trapeze classes offer 'a super adrenaline rush'

"We swing and fly and do tricks."

Andrew Kramer
August 12, 2018 - 11:00 pm

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) - Have you ever seen flying trapeze artists in action and thought to yourself "I'd love to try that one day?"

Well now you can thanks to Philadelphia Flying Trapeze, which opened this weekend as part of the Philadelphia School of Circus in Mount Airy.

Program director Mary Kelly Rayel says students get to perform the popular circus act.

"We swing and fly and do tricks and often we have the catcher on the other side," she explained. "The trapeze artists get caught by the catcher and return to the bar and go back to the board."

This all takes place 25 feet in the air, with a giant net underneath to catch students when they drop. 

This may sound terrifying to some, but...

"One of my biggest messages is to not tell yourself what you can't do, but tell yourself that you're going to try something," said Rayel, "because everyone here discovers something they can do that they didn't think they can do before."

Sisters Xhonia and Maysia Robinson admit they were nervous when they signed up for this class, but didn't seem to have any regrets.

"Pretty scary, pretty fun," Xhonia said. "As long as you follow directions it's really fun and you can do it perfectly."

"It's really awesome," added Maysia. "It's something completely different. It's a super adrenaline rush."

The class is designed for all skill levels (mostly beginners were there when KYW Newsradio stopped by). Anyone over the age of six is welcome to participate.

Classes are offered Wednesdays to Sundays, now through October. You can learn more about Philadelphia Flying Trapeze at the Philadelphia School of Circus arts website.