Positively Philadelphia: Local Playwright Looks To 'Wow' Audiences With Two Shows

Lauren Lipton
April 22, 2018 - 2:45 am
Sing the Body Electric

Photo provided by Theatre Exile


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- A local playwright has two different plays running in Philadelphia. One at Theatre Exile

"The play is called "Sing the Body Electric." One of the characters in the play, a young man who is in high school, was struck by lighting a year before the play begins." 

Michael Hollinger is the playwright and also a professor of theater at Villanova University. His second play is title "Hope and Gravity."

Michael Hollinger
Photo provided by Theatre Exile

"Hope and Gravity is being produced by 1812 productions," he said. "An elevator has crashed and we discover how the nine characters involved are connected and how their lives are both linked and changed by these encounters." 

And Hollinger says when audiences leave the theater he wants everyone to say one word: Wow!  

"For me, if an audience leaves the theater saying there were some great lines in the play or hey, that one scene was really cool where that guy jumped up on the table, I feel like somehow I've failed," he said, "I want to hit an audience while they're sitting in the theater, but I want to leave them with things that linger and make them think about it for hours or days or beyond."